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Tata Soulfull Masala Oats

WHOLESOME GOODNESS OF MILLETS: Enjoy a bowl of wholesome goodness with Tata Soulfull Masala Oats+ which has 25% millets (Navane and Jowar)
DESI VEGGIE FLAVOR: Indulge in the delicious desi veggie flavor

Tata Soulfull Masala Oats


Drive your evening snack craving away, the DESI-LICIOUS way with TATA SOULFULL MASALA OATS+. Tata Soulfull Masala Oats+ Desi Veggie combines the goodness of whole grain oats, crunchy Indian millets (jowar & Navane), desi masalas, and 100% real veggies. It?s a mouth-watering desi snack bursting with taste and texture! Ready in just 4 minutes, this ready-to-eat Masala Oats is super convenient to prepare and also high in fiber and a good source of protein. Why Millets? Jowar, also known as sorghum, is a popular millet in the north that is rich in protein and fiber.


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